About Me


In March 2011, as a soon to be college graduate, I had a well thought out 8 year plan. Veterinary school for 4 years through the Army, and 4 years of service after. I was confident, set, and couldn't wait to tell others my goals. Unfortunately, these plans came to a screeching halt when, as I watched with baited breath, the mailman threw only small envelopes into our lifeless mailbox. 

"You don't have any LARGE envelopes you want to throw in there, do you?" I asked with nervous laughter. He looked confused, shrugged, and continued down the line. I skimmed through the letters one by one until I recognized the signature tan envelope I had dreaded. 

Dear Ms. Gerulski, We are sorry to inform you that you have not been accepted into the University of Geor....

Thats all I needed to see. 

When I got back to the apartment my roommates sat awaiting the news. Unfortunately for all of us it wasn't good news and for the next hour they had to listen to me moan and groan. Surprisingly, the tears came later while on the phone with my parents. They were completely supportive and loving and it wasn't until then that the waterworks started. They helped me see that this wasn't a roadblock, just a bump.

So I started to plan anew. 

For the next few months I will be working as; an intern at Zoo Atlanta, a veterinary assistant at a local emergency animal clinic, a girls lacrosse coach at my high school alma mater all while re-taking a couple of chemistry classes that had affected my overall GPA in a not-so-positive way. 

The real adventure starts In January 2012 when I will load up an 80's model Toyota Land Cruiser and journey through South America as I await what I hope to be a much larger envelope in April 2012. 

The Small Envelope is a documentary of the trip preparation and my other favorite hobbies - cooking, baking and photography. Hopefully these roads, trails, and paths will all help me answer the question everyone asks me now that I've graduated:

Congratulations! So what's your plan?