Its amazing how much I can get done by postponing studying for chemistry. In the past 8 hours I have baked, folded, decorated, and cleaned in preparation for a little guerrilla marketing for my site. I mentioned here that I have been doing Operation Boot Camp the last few weeks, and I wanted to scratch my baking itch while staying within the eating plans of OBC. The following three posts are adapted recipes for Raspberry Muffins, Blueberry Scones, and Homemade Granola bars. I packaged up mini versions of the three for boot campers in....ohhh T-minus 5 hours. 
I am now on the lookout for any healthy baking recipes, especially for snacks. I had a hard time coming up with baked goods that weren't overloaded with sugar and butter and that could easily be transported. Any ideas?
6/22/2011 02:38:48 pm

ummm.... "I packaged up mini versions of the three"?

I think i deserve a little credit, don't you? :P

6/22/2011 04:48:24 pm

Haha ok ok "John packaged up up mini versions of the three".

Thanks for the help! I might actually get an hour of sleep before boot camp -just MIGHT.

6/22/2011 11:06:43 pm

ALL three goodies are gone and were fabulous...the granola being my fav! Thanks for sharing - love the site. See you in the morning!!!!

6/23/2011 03:21:10 am

1. how did gino end up with the rest of the healthy treats?

2. treats were excellent with my noon coffee. especially loved the "scones". extremely scrumptious!

2. you should make some croissants!!! :)
Fr. krwah-sahn

6/23/2011 05:20:45 am

Marin, that was just the sweetest thing that you would bake wonderful goodies for us!!!!! They were all great. I waited until I got home so that I would be able to savor every bite. Like Claudine my favorite one was the granola...perhaps because it had the highest everything. I just love all of your photos and everything that you have documented on your blog! Thanks for sharing. See you Tuesday. It has been a pleasure being with you in Boot Camp!

6/23/2011 07:21:06 am

Many thanks for bringing these snacks to OBC. They were great - I gotta agree with Claudine and Anita - the granola was awesome! Thanks again!

6/26/2011 09:50:06 am

Big thanks for the goodies Marin. I'm gonna have to jump on the Granola bandwagon - it was awesome. The Blueberry Scones were a close second though.

6/30/2011 07:36:07 am

I, too, am a granola fan! I spread mine out through the day, and they were the perfect little treats. You were awesome to make us goodies. I wouldn't have had the energy. And, I know someone's fingers were numb from tying all those little bows!


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