Once I realized I wouldn't be attending Vet School this year I had to quickly think of ways to push my application into the "Accepted" stack. My main curse: Chemistry. The two dreaded C's pulling my science GPA down. So I applied to Georgia Perimeter College as a "Special Student" (wow doesn't that just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside). Unfortunately I was applied wayyyy passed the deadline and when Memorial day arrived and I still wasn't registered for the class that started that week I began to get nervous. 

And so the phone calls began. Apparently hundreds of other students were worried about their classes because the phone lines were busy the whole day. After a 15 minute wait to the sounds of Beethoven I finally was able to talk to a man who very briefly told me there was no way I was getting into my class this week. 

Well here's the deal. I am only allowed to live at my parents house while I am taking classes. So obviously this man telling me I could not take this chemistry class was just not going to fly. I am already paying rent for an unoccupied room in Clemson, I cannot afford housing in Atlanta. And to be honest, I'm a little attached to my mom's KitchenAid Mixer. 

A few calls, another 8 sonatas, and a considerable amount of begging later and I had convinced a woman that this was "like, TOTALLY the only thing keeping me off the streets". Ok, I exaggerated a little, but I like a little dramatic flair in my life. Low and behold a few hours later I received an e-mail (I guess I can say - the LARGE e-mail), congratulating me on my acceptance and briefing me on instructions to register. 

General Chemistry II, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7am-9:45am, room 1260. SUCCESS!

The next morning I woke up early and got dolled up for my first day, so much so that I was accidentally running a few minutes late. When I finally made it to the classroom it was 7:05 and I burst in huffing and puffing to quickly take a seat in the third row. The teacher took down my name and asked me to say a few things about myself. I stood up and looked at the board.

Welcome to Biology!

Uh oh. 

Damn you Memorial Day Weekend.

Its Wednesday.

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