I was one of those kids who really looked forward to school. I had great friends, interesting teachers, and sports or clubs to look forward to afterwards. I also tend to work better when I am constantly busy. A few of the poor semesters I had in college I chalk up to having too much free time. Free time = lazy time. And so comes the summer:
Here are a few of the things you will be hearing about in the next few weeks:

Operation Boot Camp: Strength and Conditioning workout bright and early on the weekdays
Chemistry Class: General Chemistry II 3 hours a week at a local community college
DigitalStakeout: The software company my dad works for. I'll make a few sales calls and ship letters a few times a day,                          but I don't get paid so its really just the place I go to concentrate on Chemistry homework.
Hotlanta Lacrosse: A club lacrosse team in Atlanta for middle school and high school players. I coach at my alma mater and absolutely love it. 
Zoo Atlanta: I am on my third year as a summer intern. My bosses are great, the work is interesting, and the animals are fantastic.
Animal Emergency Clinic: My second summer working for this clinic. I learn a new thing probably every 15 minutes I'm there. 

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