All information heretofore is subject to change at the writers whim or fancy.

Ok so details might be a strong word. The title for this post should probably be more along the lines of "Trip Wonderings" or "Trip Ideas". But here are of few of the outlines:

My Dad and I with our dirt bikes at Durhamtown. Might run into some new terrain in South America. Maybe something like this?
(Source) And yes we do plan on taking our bikes along the Bolivian North Yungas Road
Start Date: Somewhere between December 26 and January 5. 
End Date: Mid-Late February
Transportation: Most likely an old school Toyota Land Cruiser and two dirt bikes.
Route: Shipping the truck to Columbia and then a slow meandering drive to Peru, Bolivia, and then to Argentina. 
Anyone have any recommendations on places to go or people to see?
David Gerulski
7/13/2011 10:46:30 am


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